Artbot constructor dinosaur "Pteranodon"


Artbot - unique paper toys that develop artistic and engineering thinking and engage both hemispheres of the brain. You will construct the toys by bending the parts, connecting them together with screws and nuts. This process positively affects children's creativity, develops concentration and fine motor skills.

The Artbot dinosaur series includes: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops and
pteranodon, each made from eco-friendly materials, and each product replaces approximately 265g of plastic toys.

These extraordinary products are divided by age and difficulty level. Toys are available
color, assemble, so even the pickiest will find a toy they like in this toy collection.

Due to the unique design, the toys can become a great decor accent.

Brand: Artbot
Manufacturer's recommended age: 5+
Materials: Eco-friendly paper, a non-fluorescent product made from 100% natural cellulose, used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food packaging.
Benefits: brain development, creativity, problem solving, concentration, observation,
thinking, communication, fine motor skills
The set includes: 13 screws, 13 nuts, 3 sheets of paper, user manual
Dinosaur size: 42x28x20
Made in South Korea

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