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  • An Introduction

    The shop has been open for a couple of months now, and now that things are off and running smoothly, we thought it was high time to introduce ourselves!

    My name is Lori, and I am one of the co-founders of MO+ME. I've always felt awkward talking about myself, so I'll give you guys the Cliffs Notes version! My sister (and business partner) and I were Army brats when we were little, but eventually our family settled in NY and we grew up for the most part on Long Island. I joined the U.S. Air Force after 9/11 and spent my twenties in service, both on active duty and then in a civilian capacity. I've spent all that time living in different states and overseas, away from family and home - and now reside in New Jersey. Although I don't have any kids yet, I do have a 2 and a half year old niece who I am crazy for! Her name is Charlotte Arie - we usually just call her Arie. She lives just down the way, and we get to hang out everyday. =)

    My sister is Sylvia, Arie's Mom. We're two years apart (I'm older), and in our mid-30's (when the heck did that happen!!??). Sylvia went the more traditional route - after college, she spent her 20's living and working in NYC, and being all kinds of cool. Truly, she is the coolest chick I know! Then came marriage, and even more happily - the baby carriage, and then she took the opportunity to become a full time Mom (people don't STILL say being a stay-at-home Mom isn't a full time job, do they?). 

    And little Arie? She's our mascot, inspiration, reason, and really - the third partner. I mean, who else could sit so diligently by the printer to retrieve the packing slips, or sing songs to entertain us while we work? Or try to feed us previously chewed food (I heard I would eat it if it were my kid...would I? Really?).

    So here we are, a couple of ladies settled down with our own families in New Jersey, who have been lucky enough to have lived our 'previous' lives, and still have lots of energy and time and ability to go for the next chapter in the book of life. We've always been close (I lie, we fought like cats and dogs in high school!). We've been roommates and have even worked together in our Dad's beer business in Brooklyn. And now, we've somehow finagled ourselves into becoming neighbors (sorry husbands, but blood is forever)! It only makes sense that we'd start up this business together, why WOULDN'T we?

    If you've made it this far, I'd like to reward you with a big "thanks for reading!" and a SECRET DISCOUNT CODE. Enter SECRETBLOG during checkout for 15% off, good for any one order! We cannot apply it to previously placed orders, but the code won't expire, so please use it next time! 

    Seriously, thanks for stopping by the shop and/or the blog. We'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas, comments, random blah blahs, questions, or even a bad review! We make it our mission to make you guys happy, and if we did something wrong, please give us the chance to fix it!


    Xx Lori

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  • mo+me is NOW OPEN!


    At mo + me, our goal is to share our love (aka, obsession!) of children’s clothing, accessories, toys, and kid's room/nursery decor. We have stocked up with brands that are wild, romantic, urban, bohemian, minimalist, cute, funky, and anything else that is delightful! Our sizes range from baby to kids up to age 6, although some newborn and older kids' sizes may be available.

     We are scouring the planet to bring you styles and brands that are hard to find just anywhere - some of which are new to the U.S., or new in general! Keep checking the site as we are constantly adding new items and brands. 

    We care not only about quality and design, but the safety and comfort of your kids, as well as peace of mind for you. Just like you, we gravitate towards soft materials, organic cottons or other fabrics, and non-toxic dyes and inks that are gentle on the skin. And, we make a conscious effort to carry items produced ethically in small factories local to the brand, are eco-friendly, personally handmade, or are part of a system that serves the communities of the local people who make them. 

    We are still waiting for some brands to arrive to our shop so keep checking back frequently for new items.  We'll have new items as early as next week!  Better yet, just sign up for our mailing list to get the news and updates first plus receive a 10% off your first order promo code!




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